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Kim Possible

Full name:

Kimberly Ann Possible





Series from:

Kim Possible

Known family members:

James Timothy Possible (father), Ann Possible (mother), James and Timothy Possible (brothers)

First appearance in series:

Underfist Unite!

English voice actor:

Christy Carlson Romano

Kim in sink or swim.png

Megumi Hayashibara

Kim in sink or swim.png

Kimberly Ann Possible (or Kim Possible for short) is one of the main characters in Underfist, as well as the

Super spy team leader of Underfist, Kim Possible!

team leader of the team itself. She is also the main hero from the Kim Possible series.


Kim is a confident and assertive teenager whose awareness of her own abilities is reflected well by her motto "I can do anything". Her typical state of mind is to be bright and cheerful, and she has a kind and caring heart that compels her to help others and to put their well being above her own, although she can be arrogant at times, especially when people appear to do things better than she can. Her competitive nature and drive for perfection, as well as some of her insecurities, are consistent with a Type A personality. They also lead her to set high standards for herself, and sometimes give her a tendency to be bossy and to set standards for others that are too high - as was evident when she attempted to coach her brothers' soccer team, or to try and do things herself in order to save others from potential failure or harm.