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Setting: Underfist HQ, day. Dawn looks depressed. Piplup comes up to her.

PIPLUP: Pip piplup lup?

Dawn smiles at Piplup a little, but she frowns again.

KIM: Hey, Dawn, what's on you're mind?

JAIME: Yeah, you look down in the dumps.

DAWN: It's just that... before I joined you guys... I...

KIM: Hey, c'mon, girl, you can tell us.

DAWN: I... sort of... lied to her...

Nergal Finds Out[]

JAIME: You lied to you're own mother?

DAWN: She didn't want me working at anyplace that could be too dangerous, so I told her I was working at a summer camp. I... I feel so guilty, but I really wanted to join.

KIM: Hey, don't worry, Dawn. You're mother doesn't know, and we won't tell her.

There was a mysterious black camera viewing the conversation.

Setting: Overpunch HQ, day. Nergal is watching the conversation on the screen.

NERGAL: So, Dawn told a little fibby, did she?

NERGAL JR.: Naughty girl, Dawn.

NERGAL: Couldn't have said it better myself, junior.

JUGGERNAUT: I don't get it, boss. Why would we care if she lied to her momma?

NERGAL: Because, Juggernaut my friend, Dawn mentioned that her mother doesn't like her working at a dangerous job. So, if her mother finds out Dawn's working at Underfist, than Underfist will be down by one member! One less means they're one less powerful, meaning our plan for triumph can finally...

Juggenraut, Harley, and Marvin are sleeping due to Nergal's speech.

NERGAL: Junior.

NERGAL JR.: I know, dad.

Nergal Jr. holds up an air horn and blares it in the three's faces, causing them to wake up and fall out of they're seats.

HARLEY: Hey, can't a girl get a little beauty sleep around here?

NERGAL: Harley, you and Marvin go to Underfist headquarters and get a picture of Dawn working at Underfist.

MARVIN: Of course, sir!

HARLEY: Whatever.

The Photoshoot[]

Setting: Underfist HQ

Marvin and Harley, in disguises, walk up to it.

MARVIN: Remember, Harley, during this shoot, I am Dr. Marvino, expert photographer.

HARLEY: Gotcha, Marvin. I mean, Dr. Marvino, expert photographer. (Winks)

Marvin knocks on the door and Kim answers it.

MARVIN: Greetings, child. I am Dr. Marvino, expert photographer. And this is my assistant, uh, Harleen.

HARLEY: Yep, nobody workin' for Overpunch here!

MARVIN: Harley I mean Harleen! Stop you're nonesense. We are hear to perform a photoshoot of perhaps a Pokemon trainer with blue hair and a penguin-like creature that paticipated in contests that goes by the name of Dawn. Is she home?

KIM: Sure thing, Marv.

MARVIN: Marvino! I am Dr. Marvino!

HARLEY: But Marv's a cute little name. I think I'll call you that.

MARVIN: (Whispering to Harley) Let's just get the photos. The sooner we get them the sooner we can leave.

Marvin and Harley enter and eventually run into Eggman, who is trying to bathe Stitch.

EGGMAN: Who're they?

KIM: Just a couple of guys who want to do a photoshoot with Dawn.

MARVIN: Yes, that's us. (Chuckles nervously)

They continue.

EGGMAN: They seemed familiar. (Notices Stitch is no longer in the tub) Hey! (Chases after Stitch) Get back here you little weasel!

STITCH: Stitch don't like bath!

Eggman soon trips and falls onto a desk. Stitch just laughs and runs off.

EGGMAN: I should've stayed an evil scientist.